International Conference on Tomography of Materials & Structures
ICTMS 2019
22-26 July 2019 | Cairns, Australia

ICTMS Committees

Local organising committee

With the conference located in Cairns, we have considered “local” to mean Australian. Members of the local oganising committee represent most of the major X-ray, neutron and electron tomography centers in Australia with expertise spanning theory, experiments and applications.


  • Andrew Kingston, ANU
  • Mohammad Saadatfar, ANU


  • Adrian Sheppard, ANU
  • Anna Herring, ANU
  • Ulf Garbe, ANSTO
  • Martin De Jonge, AS
  • Sheri Mayo, CSIRO
  • Ryan Armstrong, UNSW
  • Phil Evans, USC
  • Egon Perilli, FlindersUni
  • Matthew Weyland, MCEM
  • Dominique Bernard, IntACT President
  • Patric Jacobs, IntACT General Secretary
  • Wesley DeBoever, IntACT Dep. Comms. Officer

Scientific committee

  • Agatha Labrinidis, University of Adelaide
  • Egon Perilli, Flinders University
  • Philip Evans, University of British Columbia
  • Alistair Evans, Monash University
  • Enzo Lombi, University of South Australia
  • Sheridan Mayo, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
  • Edward Andò, Laboratoire 3SR, Grenoble
  • Cino Viggiani, Laboratoire 3SR, Grenoble
  • Martin de Jonge, Australian Synchrotron
  • Andrew Kingston, Australian National University
  • Jan Sijbers, University of Antwerp
  • Alexander Rack, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
  • Federica Marone, Paul Scherrer Institute
  • Anna Herring, Australian National University
  • Ryan Armstrong, University of New South Wales
  • Peyman Mostaghimi, University of New South Wales
  • Ulf Garbe, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
  • Yu Jing, University of New South Wales
  • Doga Gursoy, Argonne National Lab
  • Nikolay Kardjilov, Helmholtz-Zentrum-Berlin
  • Matthieu Boone, Ghent University
  • Glenn Myers, Australian National University
  • Hugues Talbot, Centrale Supelec
  • Jeroen Van Stappen, Utrecht University
  • Maartje Boon, Stanford University
  • Hannelore Derluyn, CNRS - University of Pau
  • Tom Bultreys, Ghent University
  • Veerle Cnudde, Ghent University
  • Kamaljit Singh, Imperial College London
  • Mohammad Saadatfar, Australian National University
  • Adrian Sheppard, Australian National University